Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gaymer Cider - noise risk assessment

Somerset based cider makers Gaymer Cider Company Ltd invited Noise at Work assessment experts Soundguard Acoustics Ltd to undertake noise risk assessments across it's vast cider making plant. The facility, which is based in Shepton Mallet, operates with around 250 staff, and is capable of producing over 200 million litres of cider a year.

The site encompasses 4 main bottling lines, tank storage, pressing operations, engineering and distribution. Gaymer Cider Company has already put in place an effective noise control regime and Noise control experts Soundguard Acoustics Ltd were asked to assess the level of risk and offer further advice for noise control. Devon noise consultants, Soundguard Acoustics Ltd, will continue to work with Gaymer Cider Company through their busy season in October when high levels of fruit pressing operations occur.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Safety and comfort with Relyon beds

Devon noise consultants Soundguard Acoustics Ltd spent much of the day instructing the Health and Safety team at Relyon, Somerset how to undertake some basic practical noise risk assessment measurements so that they could identify noise areas of their assembly and identify the needs for further more comprehensive testing. Relyon have used this information and identified some of their at risk groups. South West based noise at work experts Soundguard Acoustics Ltd continues to work with them to reduce the onsite noise risk. If your company would benefit form similar bite-sized training then please contact us.