Friday, 7 October 2011

Making every call sound just right

South West based Soundguard Acoustics has recently worked with several call centre operations across the South West region to assist them in making the typical open plan office structure of call centres sound correct. Call centres and office acoustics are a fine balance of noise control, privacy and a comfortable environment. In the modern office, the open plan nature, clean lines and creation of space often requires careful consideration to include the required amount of acoustic absorption or insulation to achieve the performance criteria. Soundguard Acoustics has the neccesary experience to make your conference room, meeting room, open plan office or call centre sound jsut right.

Controlling the noise of the Armada

Armada Tube & Steel (South West) Ltd are based in Launceston, Cornwall. The company cuts and processes steel tube supplies for sports equipment and furniture. The company has already made several positive steps towards achieving their requirements under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (CoNAWR) and asked Soundguard Acoustics to provide some further consultancy particularly with noise control for machinery processes.

Greenfield Engineering gets the Green Light

Greenfield Engineering are based in Holsworthy, Devon. They selected Soundguard Acoustics to undertake their Noise at Work Risk assessments for both of their main manufacturing areas. Greenfield produce a range of metal framework for office furniture and the cutting, maufacturing and paint spraying processes were all reisk assessed. The result, a sensible on site solution that was both economical, enforceable and would protect the future hearing health of their workforce.