Monday, 30 December 2013

What is Insta-Mold®? Insta-Mold is a CE certified ‘direct moulded’ custom hearing protection product. The floating, two-part, medical grade instant silicone is available in 12 colour combinations, is provided with a hygienic gloss coat finish and is supplied with a storage pouch and client care instructions. Custom made hearing protection, using Insta-Mold, can be made within hours and at a fraction of the cost of lab-moulded products when made in-house.

Despite the simplicity Insta-Mold still meets all CE safety standards for industrial protection within the EU. The product can be varied with filters to provide the correct level of hearing protection for the noise environment and can also be supplied with a snag-free breakaway safety leash for industrial applications. Metal tracer balls and tracer leashes are also available for the food and drinks industry. Soundguard Acoustics is the UK distributer for Insta-Mold products and these can be supplied fully finished or we can work with your in-house team and train individuals in your company to make the product yourselves enabling you to supply CE certified custom hearing protection without the lab-moulded price.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Will ADE Sound Testing disrupt work on site?

During Approved Document E Sound Testing, high levels of noise are generated but in order to make accurate test measurements, relatively quiet conditions are needed. Anyone working within the testing area will have to leave temporarily and any noisy works in the vicinity of the test areas including external site activity or ground works will need to be halted. Access is required for all the rooms being tested. Prior to testing, suitable couplings of test rooms, will be identified to enable a schedule of testing which may assist in controlling noise from other parts of the dvelopment to achieve the best possible testing environment.

How long will testing take?

The time taken for testing varies with site conditions, but generally a set of tests on houses takes about one to two hours and a set of tests on flats between two to three hours. During the test Soundguard Acoustics will require free uninterrupted access to the rooms in all test areas.

Can I observe the sound test?

Soundguard Acoustics will happily give you a brief overview of the test and demonstrate what we do, however, during the formal tests there are stringent rules restricting the number of personnel within the test areas so you will need to leave the engineer to it.

Should I inform my neighbours of the testing?

Noise levels are very high and if the building is attached in any way to occupied properties then it would be advisable to inform the residents as they are likely to hear the test. In some builds access to their property may be required. We recommend you check this with your BCO and request access to the neighbouring properties accordingly. Contact Soundguard Acoustics HERE for further advice regarding your Approved Doc E Sound Testing.