Monday, 23 November 2009

Sound support for Notting Hill Carnival 08

London's Notting Hill Carnival is famous worldwide, its the biggest street Carnival in Europe and the second biggest in the world. 2008 saw the introduction of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations for the entertainments industry and London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd requested the assistance of Soundguard Acoustics Ltd to determine the noise exposure risk of its employees, traders, stewards, masqueraders and the general public. The remit was to preserve the vibrant sounds of Carnival and achieve protaction for its employees. A challenge in itself! Soundguard Acoustics Ltd monitored the levels at Carnival 2008 using a team of consultants throughout the 4 mile route. In addition the 40 static sound systems were risk assessed and measured. The information was used to assist in the planning of Carnival 2009.

Opening doors with Leaderflush Shapland

Leaderflush Shapland is based in Barnstaple, Devon. The company manufacturers a range of flush performance doors and doorsets. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was invited to undertake both workplace noise assessments and also Hand Arm Vibration analysis for its employees. The site contains a range of hand held and automated wood working equipment including planners, shapers, presses and laser cutting devices. A range of noise control solutions were introduced including LEV noise reduction and clearly defined hearing protection zones were marked.

Lowering noise for Magnesium Elektron

Manchester company Magnesium Elektron first produced magnesium in 1936. They develop more alloys than any other company worldwide and supply applications in the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries. The large site consists of a range of buildings, furnaces and machinery as well as a range of other specialist operations. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd assessed and noise mapped the entire site as well as utlising Dosimetry and Sound Level Meter analysis to determine the noise exposure of the employees. A range of noise control techniques and hearing protection zones were introduced.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Introducing Soundguard Acoustics Ltd

Welcome to the Soundguard blog pages. Over the coming weeks we aim to upload information on a variety of projects that we have been involved with and help to demonstrate to you that Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can respond to your acoustic needs. We aim to offer incites into acoustic consultancy, provide an overview of our work and update you on changes in legislation or regulation within the field of acoustics. And if we find any amusing snippets along the way then we will drop those in too! For now let me first introduce our company:

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd
delivers clear acoustic advice with a professional personal service throughout the UK. We believe that competence and value for money is demonstrated by quality, effectiveness and the clarity of practical advice.

Our clients include architects, developers, environmental planners, residents, industrial health and safety advisors and commercial managers across a range of organisations that includes aerospace, healthcare, education, industry, leisure, development, event management, ministry of defence and government authorities.

We utilise a team of consultants working on a freelance basis with backgrounds in Health & Safety, Environmental Health, Event management and Audiology to deliver a comprehensive program of assessment, monitoring or solutions.

Our services are ‘fit for purpose’, cost-effective and delivered quickly, helping you to meet your objectives on time and within budget. If you need advice then give us a call and we will be happy to chat with you.