Friday, 4 December 2009

Raising a glass to Constellation Europe:

Constellation Europe is the UK’s largest wine bottling company and is based in Avonmouth, Bristol. The company bottles a range of wines including Kumala, Hardys, Banrock Station, Stowells, Nobilo, Ravenswood, Simi and Robert Mondavi wines. Constellation Europe is part of Constellation Brands which has sales of more than $3.77 billion annually and employees over 6,600 people throughout its 50 wineries and other facilities worldwide.

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was invited to undertake workplace noise assessments to CONAWR regulations for the newly installed high-speed bottling lines. This £80 million development produces over 600 bottles of wine per minute. Using Sound Levels Meters and DoseBadges, Soundguard Acoustics Ltd determined a range of noise control solutions. Mandatory hearing protection zones were relaxed in areas consistently below the UEAV of 85dB(A) or 135dB(C) and resulted in some employees groups, supervisors, visitors, store operatives and fork lift drivers not having to wear hearing protection.