Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Noise Power!

Langage Power Station, Plymouth, Devon is the latest large power station to be built in the United Kingdom. More may follow in order to fill the projected 'energy gap' in UK generating capacity, caused by the expected closure of nuclear and older coal-fired stations. The power station's two gas-powered turbines became operational in 2009. Although extensive environmental noise risk monitoring and control became part of the planning process, now that the plant is operational the level of noise risk for its employees can now be determined.

'Relyon' us for noise assessment

After recent training sessions with Relyon the company invited Noise at Work Risk Assessors Soundguard Acoustics Ltd back to noise risk assess both their Okehampton and Wellington fabrication sites. The mattress fabrication processes require the use of stitchers, quilters, trimmers and a range of hand operated tooling. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd Devon based noise consultants assessed the level of noise exposure risk using both Dosimetry and Sound Level Meter techniques and developed a comprehensive noise control action plan for the company.

Taking the 'Heatric' out of noise control

Heatric is located in Poole, Dorset. The company manufactures highly compact printed circuit diffusion-bonded heat exchangers for chemical, nuclear, oil and gas applications. A noise risk assessment was requested to manage noise level exposure & to achieve CONAWR. Devon based noise at work assessors Soundguard Acoustics Ltd spent a day on site assessing the noise exposure for various tasks and provided a comprehensive noise control plan for the Health & Safety Managers to ensure that noise exposure risk continues to be managed.

Suprema Noise Control

South West based Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was asked to repeat the noise risk assessments undertaken at this site due to significant differences in layout, machinery and management. Suprema Concepts Ltd fabricate healthcare furniture and use a variety of laser cutting, routing, edge banding and trimming operations. Devon noise consultants Soundguard Acoustics Ltd updated their noise at work risk assessments, provided further noise control advice and helped Suprema Concepts Ltd in their continued noise risk assessment & control.

Strimming & Cutting out the Noise

Devon based noise at work specialists Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was asked to assess the daily noise risk to the horticultural machinery operators at South Hams District Council. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd noise consultants assessed all the Strimmers, Grass Cutters, Agricultural Machinery, Chainsaws & Chippers at operator positions & provided a report that assisted South Hams District Council in understanding & managing the noise risk to their employees.