Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Garage noise can be peaceful

This month Soundguard Acoustics Ltd has been involved with two garage planning applications. General vehicle maintenance and body work repair is associated with noise and residents may understandably raise concern when these businesses relocate nearby. In both instances a BS4142 assessment was undertaken to establish the likely noise impact. Where a noise impact was possible then noise control techniques were applied and included an extraction exhaust silencer for a paint booth and additional internal wall and roof treatments for the building. A sound solution that satisfied planning, the local residents and the expanding businesses.

Noise control in an animal feed mill

Harpers Home Mix is located in Holsworthy, Devon. They requested that South West Noise Consultants Soundguard Acoustics Ltd assisted them in meeting their Control of Noise at Work obligations for their staff. The Company had already created a good noise control policy and had made some initial noise measurements. The professional input of Soundguard Acoustics Ltd assisted them in completeing their Noise at Work Risk Assessment, identifying noise sources and providing an action plan of noise control.

Holiday Retreat Centre sounds just right

South West based acoustic consultants Soundguard Acoustics Ltd were invited to Lee Abbey, Lynton, Devon. The Abbey is home to a Christian Community and hosts conference facilities, provides retreat and a holiday centre. Renovations to the main dining hall are planned to expose the original features of this marvelous building but revbereration and noise control was a worry. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is working with the Abbey to provide an aesthetic solution within their budget to ensure that the dining hall sounds just right.

Sending Residents Barking Mad!

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was contracted by residents that were unfortunately subjected to continuous Kennel Noise following the inappropriate conversion of neighbouing farm buildings into a Commercial Kennel venture. The noise was seriously affecting their enjoyment of their property and gardens and Soundguard Acoustics Ltd proved this to be the case. Despite the Kennel Owners having their own independent noise assessment we proved that complaints were likely. The Local Authority planning commitee determined that a nuisance existed and a 17 vote to 1 support was given to our report and for the removal of the Kennels. Needless to say that our client was delighted!